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Spaki, Majengo, Mombasa

Jomo Kenyatta Avenue

P.O. BOX 82578 - 80100

Mombasa, Kenya


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About The Muslim Bhadala Jamat

The Muslim Bhadala Jamat was registered on 19th October1954, as a non – political social society to provide for its members in Kenya only. The main objects of the society are:

1. To provide for the poor destitute and distress members of the society.
2. To provide for the religious and educational enhancement its members
3. To utilize funds and income if any of the coming for the above purpose.


a) The Muslim Bhadala Jamat community is managed by a committee of members comprising of office bearers, managing committee members and Board of Trustees who are elected by the members of the community.

b) The Managing Committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the community as per laid down rules and regulations.

c) The Managing Committee is further enhanced by appointing members from among it to discharge duties and manage the affairs of the community from the grassroots level by forming sub committees.

Sub – Committees

a). Education sub –committee

Its duties are to enhance and promote education among its members and control the running of the community Nursery / Primary & Secondary Schools.

b) Religion sub Committee

Its duties are to enhance and promote religion education and control all other religion functions of the Jamat

c) Development sub committee

Its duties are to earmark and control all development projects of the community.

d) Welfare sub committee
Its duties are to distribute and control provincial monthly ratio for the destitute members of the community and other social activities.

e).Peace sub committee

Its duties are to co-ordinate with parties with disputes and come up with peaceful solutions among the parties.

f) Sunni Jamat sub –committee

Its duties are to replens the community in the management of the Sunni Jamat of which Muslim Bhadala Jamat is a member.



The Muslim Bhadala Jamat

The Muslim Bhadala Jamat is a non profitable charity organization in Mombasa, Kenya. The Organization has escalated from humble beginnings with an aim of uniting  all the Bhadalas living in Mombasa socially.   Read More

The Primary School Section

The Primary section is part of the Muslim Bhadala Jamat and neuters over 350 pupils from different families regardless of colour, religion and origin.   Read More

Secondary School Section

The Secondary School Section is a Centre of excellence for learners who have graduated from the Primary Education level. It is open for both boys and girls. Read More