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Knowledge leads to success

To maintain a school community for pupils that is conducive to receiving quality education and learning opportunities so that they become productive citizens in the society.


The school was started in 2003 with 98 pupils. It first started with the Nursery and lower Primary section but later the upper primary section was completed making it a full Nursery and Primary school.

Being a mixed school, the population of the school has increased tremendously making most classes to have double streams.
The main reason for the establishment of the school was to enable community member’s access to cheaper and quality education since education is a right.


The school has quality learning facilities which offer favourable environment for learning. On the mezzanine floor we have playgroup class, first floor has nursery classes, lower primary and administration block, second floor has upper primary classes, library and computer room.  The classes are fitted with fans due to hot weather experienced in the region. There is a playground down stairs where people enjoy different games during P.E. and games time.  The school provides clean tapped water for drinking and washrooms. To supplement on t there is a well to boost water supply.  The computer room is of modern standard with enough flat screened computers for each pupil.


It is a community school owned and managed by the Muslim Bhadala Jamat.  The Education Board is the body the ultimately deals with decision making of the activities in the school. The Education Board comprises of the following members.

Chairman:  T. A.  MOHAMMED
Secretary:  OMAR DOSANI
Treasurer:  AHMED KANA


For the smooth running of the activities in school, the administration comprises of:

a) HEADTEACHER: Madam Z.M.Sumra has been the head of the school since it started in 2003. Under her the school has been able to excel in many fields.

b) DEPUTY: Madam Joyce –in charge of discipline

In charges of teachers attendance. She has done recommendable job in uplifting the standards at the school.



e) TEACHERS: The school has hardworking and dedicated teachers who have tirelessly to :-
i. Provide a balanced curriculum
ii. Cater for all abilities
iii. Promote curiosity and enthusiasm
iv. Encourage respect, discipline and personal self esteem
v. Offer guidance and counseling
vi. Encourage logical and creative thinking promote independence and confidence
f) SUBORDINATE STAFF: The school has non teaching staff whose hard work and commitment has made the school very clean and admirable by many visitors who come in the premises.



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