Our Physical Address


Spaki, Majengo, Mombasa

Jomo Kenyatta Avenue

P.O. BOX 82578 - 80100

Mombasa, Kenya


Quick Contact


E-Mail: info@bhadalamsa.org,






Tel: +254 705 759 059

        +254 739 264 004


Extra Co-Curricular Activites



 As the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Every Friday pupils are involved in out door games and sports where they learn new skills, nature their talents and also enjoy.





The most active club which enables pupils to learn first aid skills, discipline and life skills.


The Nursery school has always been taking part in Kiwi and Giraffe Centre Art and Craft competition and they have always excelled



The Muslim Bhadala Jamat

The Muslim Bhadala Jamat is a non profitable charity organization in Mombasa, Kenya. The Organization has escalated from humble beginnings with an aim of uniting  all the Bhadalas living in Mombasa socially.   Read More

The Primary School Section

The Primary section is part of the Muslim Bhadala Jamat and neuters over 350 pupils from different families regardless of colour, religion and origin.   Read More

Secondary School Section

The Secondary School Section is a Centre of excellence for learners who have graduated from the Primary Education level. It is open for both boys and girls. Read More