Our Physical Address


Spaki, Majengo, Mombasa

Jomo Kenyatta Avenue

P.O. BOX 82578 - 80100

Mombasa, Kenya


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E-Mail: info@bhadalamsa.org,






Tel: +254 705 759 059

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About Us

Our motto:

Knowledge leads to success.

Our mission:

Is to identify, nurture and develop skills and talents which promote socio-economic needs for national development and global dynamism.

Our vision:

Is to be a centre of excellence in transforming lives through education in preparation to dealing with universal challenges.


Bhadala secondary School is a mixed Secondary day School which offers the 8-4-4 system of education with a special emphasis on imparting skills and promoting talents to our students.

Bhadala is conveniently located at the centre of Mombasa city in a peaceful and quiet environment at Spaki along Jomo Kenyatta avenue between associated motors and Seifee’s bakeries. The school offers a unique social and academic experience which produces confident, well rounded individuals for who positivity, self-discipline, and problem solving become the cornerstone of a successful life.

Core values of our educational philosophy are:
• We are the specialist in secondary education with a holistic approach to universal education.
• We believe in focusing on all aspects of the person with a view to equipping each student to be able to face the real world boldly and be truly successfully in life.
• We believe that all students deserve an outstanding education.
• We believe that leadership training in the youth is the backbone of all societies.
• We believe in high levels of discipline and moral values regardless of students’ culture, religion or social background.

Student Leadership
The school provides opportunities for student leadership and responsibility through the Prefect Council and House System.  The students’ governor and the two senators are ably assisted by house representatives and class representatives. They are crucial to the daily running of the school, organizing school events, helping out at tea and lunch breaks and generally maintaining discipline.

The Prefects Council gives a voice to all students through their elected representatives. The Council reports regularly on their deliberations to the school management.
Having house representatives for both boys and for girls in each house allows us to spread student leadership more widely, making more of our students responsible and proactive learners who are capable of shouldering the workload in a fun and productive manner.

House System
To foster a spirit of teamwork, each student is a member of one of the four school houses: cheatah, leopard, lion and tiger. Inter-house competitions such as debating, quizzes, swimming galas, sports days, etc., allow students of all ability levels the opportunity to take part in competitive sporting and cultural activities.

Field Trips
Field trips are a key feature of school life for all students of Bhadala Secondary School. They support the curriculum as they points to new units, exit points from completed units or simply reinforcement through exposure to real life situations that cannot be experienced in the classroom. Parents are informed well in advance and are required to sign an indemnity form to allow the child’s inclusion on the trip.










Please note that packed snacks, bottled water, soft drinks and lunch are available at the canteen but at the parents cost. Parents may opt to provide their children with a packed lunch that can be eaten in the canteen area.

Community Service
Bhadala secondary believes that its students should give back to society some of the many privileges which they enjoy. Not only will this help our students appreciate the many benefits which they have, but also other young people and members of the community will gain from their contribution particularly the less fortunate members of the society. For this reason Red Cross and Guidance and Counseling cubs regularly visit children orphanages and offer donations and cleaning services among other charitable activities. Wildlife club on the other hand participate in environment and wildlife conservation which include planting of trees and cleaning beaches.


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