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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the website of Bhadala secondary school-Mombasa. I hope you will enjoy studying the many facets of the school encapsulated here. Through the website links you will find interesting details of the school’s history and background, its academic successes and its strong sporting and co-curricular traditions.

The school’s curriculum is dynamic and responsive to the needs of our students in both the school and the community at large. Many of our students are destined to move to the universities and middle collages in the country and around the world to study for careers in the professions, commerce and industry.

Our students learn in an environment in which their care guidance and support is a central philosophy for our teachers. Their interests and aspirations, the development of their personalities and characters and above all their sense of having fulfilled themselves are key to the instincts of all the staff and the Management Committee of Bhadala school and the community at large.

You are most welcome to contact the school for any further information or to organize a visit on e-mail address info.secondary@bhadalamsa.org

Vincent Obunga.




The School's History
Bhadala secondary school together with the new hall forms part of the project that was built in memory of Mr. Mohammed Adam Thaim. The construction began in July 2007 and was completed in November 2008. Our sincere thanks go to members of the Board of trustee of Muslim Bhadala Jamat who are Mr. Haji Shiraz, Mr. Mohammed Adam Thaim, Mr. Haji Salim Mohammed Vidhani and others members of the Jamat who contributed financially, materially and offered their moral support towards this project.
The Board of trustee realized the need of the secondary school after observing the success of the primary school project. Mr. Shiraz used his own resources and funds to put up the building. Together with assistance from Mr. Tarmohammed Kana (Chairman of the academic board), Mr. Asif Omar Dosani (Secretary of the academic board) and Mr. Ahmed Kana (Treasurer of academic board); he established the school and they appointed Mr. Arvind Naghinbhai Gajjar as the 1st Principal of the school.

Mr. Gajjar retired in the year 2010 and handed me the mantle of running the school. As the principal of the school, I started my work by setting the pace to identify the mission and vision for the school. My staff has already worked to identify the mission and vision for the school which guide our daily operation. From our mission the school aims at identifying and developing natural skills and talents in every individual student in the school and helps the students to exploit their skills and talents to better their lives and that of the society where they come from.

The vision of this institution is to compete with other performing schools in this region and to emerge as the best institution in transforming lives of the youth through education and prepare them to deal with national and international challenges that face the youth in the modern world.
With our team of qualified experienced and degree graduate teachers, we are fully prepared to guide the youth in making proper decisions in academic choices that will influence their career options and opportunities in their future.

We are proud of our current students in the school because of their excellent discipline and high moral values. This is further strengthened by the fact that the boys and girls learn in separate classrooms.

Among the facilities in the school are two well equipped science laboratories and a computer laboratory. We have also developed sporting and other extracurricular activities facilities in the school. The institution intends to make maximum use these facilities in its endeavor to realize its mission and vision that I had started earlier.
All are welcome and may Almighty Allah bless as all.



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